We are an independent boutique technology firm and have been specialised in transforming your complex survey forms for online or offline use since 1999.

Our core activities are:

  • We transform your survey forms into smart, user-friendly, mobile-friendly digital versions;
  • We host these electronic versions on our servers (online) or you put them onto your own network (offline);
  • We invite your audience to complete the survey forms either online or offline;
  • We create a secure portal with login procedures if necessary;
  • We take care of the data collection;
  • We provide you with secure access to your data via our own real-time reporting tools;
  • We develop custom-made software to enhance your data collection, monitoring and reporting workflows.


Our two founders both earned an university degree from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, United Kingdom):

  • The Chief Technical Officer has a BSc. (Hons.) degree in Computer Science;
  • The Business Development & Operations Director has a BA (Hons.) degree in Media Studies.

More information about them is available on request.


We continuously innovate. We are very experienced. We offer premium quality. Integrity is one of our key words. We pay attention to detail. We focus on our customers and - wherever possible - build long-term relationships with them. Clients benefit from the reliability and user-friendliness of our software products and appreciate our personal, professional and active reactions to any of their questions or additional requirements.

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