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We build your eCRFs

eCRFs for clinical trials

We take care of building your electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) with our proprietary Medical Form Builder Software. Our tools can handle extensive and complex routing and data entry validation rules that competing (and much more costly) online survey tools often struggle with. Our lightning-fast eCRFs allow easy online CRF completion and increasing data entry correctness by investigators, phycisians and researchers at participating sites.

We have been building eCRFs since 2006, not only for clinical studies of molecular diagnostics companies offering gene-based prognostic tests for patients with multiple myeloma, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer or bladder cancer, but also for digital health technology companies offering smart medical devices for their patients.

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We enable you to easily manage your clinical trials with our Clinical Trials Management System

Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) for clinical trials

In 2006, together with our launching customer (molecular diagnostic company Agendia) we developed a tailor-made, easy-to-use and affordable hierarchical database application. Clinical Trials Management Software (CTMS) to allow them and other molecular diagnostic, commercial-stage biotech and health companies to manage their global clinical trials.

Our CTMS empowers Clinical Research Managers (CRMs), Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and clinical program directors with full control of their clinical research projects by allowing them to:

  • Create secure access for each user of participating centers to the online CRF access (EDC) portal;
  • Send automatic email invitations to participating sites;
  • Have a bird's eye overview of current eCRF completion status for each patient:

    Screenshot of ActiveReaction clinical trials EDC system

  • Allow/Deny physicians access to complete certain eCRFs;
  • Attach instruction labels to the online management table;
  • Attach multiple files or documents to each patient/eCRF combination;
  • Create rules and conditions under which these documents are visible to the physicians;
  • Report to the Finance department with the latest invoicing status of each eCRF;
  • Retrieve eCRF case data in real-time (sorted by patient ID in case of multiple eCRFs);
  • Create Trial Summary Reports.
Our CTMS can either run entirely independently inside your own network (managed by your own System Administrator) or can be accessed via a cloud (SaaS) service (e.g. via Amazon© Web Services or Microsoft© Azure) for which no installation at your end is required.

Interested? Please contact us to schedule a private webinar session where we'd be happy to demonstrate the features and benefits of our CTMS and eCRF Data Capture technologies.

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Data security and privacy

Data security in clinical trials

Protection of your clinical data is extremely important to us. Our systems fully comply with the regulations set forth in FDA 21CFR Part 11 for electronic data management.

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Logo Agendia
Angela van Egmond (Patient Organization and Clinical Research Liaison with Agendia) says:

"At Agendia we mostly manage the Clinical Research we do ourselves and have been using the Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) of ActiveReaction since 2006. CTMS enables us to use Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to collect clinical trial data in so-called electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs). We found that clinicians/physicians at participating sites are very positive about the user-friendliness of the EDC-system ActiveReaction provides. In addition, CTMS gives a clear overview of the status of the Clinical Trials and makes Data Management by multiple persons possible."

Logo Medex15
Lisette Stork-Sloots (President & Co-founder of Medex15) says:

"ActiveReaction develops clinical trial software and they can deliver a new electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) in just a few days. They adjust eCRFs if needed within 24 hours and solve issues within a few hours might they arise. They provide molecular diagnostic companies with a cost-effective data collection tool which received very positive feedback from investigator sites."

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