Some of our surveys' benefits:

Benefit Explanation
 Mobile device-friendly Our surveys can be completed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The layout of the survey will be optimised for each device's display. Experience the user-friendliness of our mobile surveys by opening our demo survey on your smartphone or tablet.
 'One-shot' loading Unlike solutions by most of our competitors, our entire (multi-page) surveys load in one go. To load all pages, only one HTTP request-response cycle is needed. Subsequent pages can be completed without additional 'round-trips' to our servers, making our surveys extremely responsive, session time-out avoiding and eliminating chances of server connection failures ('Page not found 404' errors) while switching between the individual pages.
 Smart logic Previously-given answers lead only to relevant subsequent questions or (sets of) pages, making advanced data flows and decision trees extremely easy to fill out. This increases the chances of correct data entry.
 Save & Load data Users can temporarily save, load, edit and print their data at all times.

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