ActiveReaction takes care of the technical process of your digital works council elections

ActiveReaction facilitates digital works council elections

We take care of the online election process

Digital works council elections

We relieve works council secretaries and election committees of the technical hassle of their digital works council elections:

  • We assign a personal account manager to help you throughout the entire election process;
  • We offer candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves and their opinions via a Personal Candidate Profile Page;
  • We create randomised, digital ballots through which the Candidate Profile Pages can be viewed as well;
  • We create personal, secure login procedures for all voters;
  • We deliver the personal voting codes to the electorate via e-mail and/or regular post;
  • We manage the opening and closing of the voting process according to predefined time windows;
  • We make sure voters can vote anonymously and only once;
  • We deliver the election results within one hour after voting window closure (interim results are also available upon request).

Our clients

People can vote anywhere

User-friendly online ballots

We build digital ballots with our proprietary software. Our clients profit from our user-friendly systems which help increase the chance of higher turnouts:

Responsive ballot
Our ballot is completely responsive, i.e. the size of the ballot scales to the size of the screen on which it's shown. This means that voters can cast their vote on any device (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone). At home, in the office or in transit.

Randomised order of listed candidates
To reduce bias in the voting process, candidates lists are randomised, i.e. presented to the voters in random order. This means that for any issued ballot, all candidates have an equal chance of appearing at the top of that ballot.

Multi-lingual options
Elections can be held in multiple languages. You can supply us with the already-translated texts or we can take care of the translation process for you. Since 2002, we have had a Preferred Supplier Agreement with Language Service Provider Fasttranslator. This enables us to get candidate profile pages, ballots and election results translated quickly and professionally into any language by native speakers.

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We create and send the voting codes

Distributing voting codes

We only create voting codes for those employees who have been designated as voters by the election committee in accordance with the election rules. There are a couple of ways to have these codes delivered to the voters:

Via e-mail
If all employees have access to a work e-mail account, the codes could be sent via e-mail. In this case, the voting codes are 'packaged' automatically as a clickable link, which makes it easier to go to the digital ballot and cast a vote. We keep track of which e-mail addresses fail ('bounce') and send at least one reminder e-mail. Our experience is that this increases the turnout considerably.

Via regular post
For employees who don't have access to a work e-mail account, the codes need to be sent via regular post. For each voter, we create a personalised letter with the voting codes and a secure link to the election login page. Voters need to type the link into a browser and enter the codes manually in order to view the ballot and cast a vote digitally.

Combination of both
Sending voting codes to the electorate via a combination of both e-mail and regular post is also possible.

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We provide technical support

Technical email helpdesk support

As early as in the quotation process, we provide our prospective clients with a detailed technical checklist so they can perform internal tests with their IT department to make sure their organisation complies with our technical requirements. We have the technical know-how and years of experience to come up with tailor-made technical solutions - if so required - in order to make sure the elections run smoothly within your organisation.

In the unlikely event that during the election process voters experience technical difficulties, we provide a technical e-mail helpdesk voters can turn to. We will try to solve any technical issues voters may have as adequately and as quickly as possible.

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We have strict data security protocols in place

Protection of voting data

We attach great importance to data security and privacy of your data (see also our Privacy Policy as it applies to our website). We will only ask for personal data (e-mail addresses, home addresses, names, profile pictures, etc.) if the elections actually go ahead, i.e. when there are enough candidates.

Furthermore, all personal data needs to be uploaded to our secure ActiveReaction Data Rooms, as we do not encourage nor accept personal information to be sent to us via e-mail or any cloud services not controlled by us.

We only deliver anonymous elections results, so cast votes can never be traced back to individuals. All data is stored on our own servers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After the legal data retention period expires we will permanently delete all data related to your project from our servers.

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We deliver the results quickly

Winners digital elections announced promptly

Immediately after completion of the voting process, we will perform a data integrity check. We will then - often within the hour - deliver an anonymous report in PDF-format stating the following election results (where applicable):

  • number of seats to be divided;
  • number of voters and turnout percentage;
  • total number of votes cast;
  • votes distribution (number of votes for each candidate);
  • quota;
  • number of seats allocated to electoral lists;
  • number and distribution of spare/remaining seats;
  • number of seats allocated to candidates.

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