ActiveReaction innovates online market research using proprietary online survey builder software tools and real-time reporting dashboards

ActiveReaction innovates online market research

We provide digital feedback technology services

Digital feedback technologies

When we started back in 2001, most market research agencies collected research data through Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), face-to-face interviewing techniques and paper-based questionnaires. We were one of the first Dutch technology companies to offer data collection tools via online surveys using our own Online Survey Builder Software, providing market research companies with an easier, quicker and more cost-effective way to collect market research data.

Today, we still use our continuously-evolving Online Survey Builder Software to digitise increasingly more complex, elaborate questionnaires, surveys, feedback forms and process flows for our clients. For example: medical patient forms, academic field research, collecting audience likeability scores on video content in real-time, multi-lingual customer satisfaction research, etc. That is what we excel at.

For the 'simpler' surveys featuring, for example, a relative small number of questions and a straight-forward question flow structure you might be cheaper off by doing it yourself using one of the many free online survey tools currently available... if you can spare the time for it and if you're not worried about your data being sold to any interested third parties. After all, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

The online survey apps we create for your business are:

They run in any modern browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and on different Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Andoid, etc.).

Our surveys can be completed on any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs). The survey layout is optimised for each device's display.

Previously-given answers lead only to relevant subsequent questions or (sets of) pages, making advanced data flows and decision trees extremely easy to fill out. This increases the chances of correct data entry.

Loaded in 'one go'
Unlike solutions by most of our competitors, our entire (multi-page) surveys load in one go. To load all pages, only one HTTP(s) request-response cycle is needed. Subsequent pages can be displayed and completed without additional 'round-trips' to our servers, making our surveys extremely quick, session-timeout-avoiding while eliminating chances of server connection failures ('Page not found 404' errors) when switching back and forth through the individual pages.

Our clients

We empower our clients with real-time reports

Data analytics online market research data

Once you are happy with the design and functionality of your digital survey form (actually, it behaves like an app), we can start inviting your target audience to start the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) process. You decide what best suits your project. We can host the form on our servers or we can enable you to publish the form on your own (affiliated) website(s) or private network or intranet.

We typically collect data on our own secure web servers, but, in case of highly-sensitive case data (e.g. financial records, medical data), we also offer tailor-made, 'controlled' data management solutions where collected data never leaves your organisation's network or premises.

You retain data ownership. During the data collection process we enable you access your data in real-time via crystal-clear management reports. We can also develop tailor-made reports visualising exactly what you want revealed.

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