Included in our price is our Live Report reporting tool: a Microsoft Excel macro program that enables you to securely retrieve your raw data in real-time in both unformatted and formatted formats. It is also possible to receive your data in SPSS format.

For advanced reporting, you can use our ActiveReaction Report Author reporting dashboard: a Windows application that automatically fills your Microsoft Word-based template document with the latest survey data using user-defined placeholders.

As more data becomes available, all reporting elements are automatically updated when you re-run the report, so updated reports are always available without having to re-create your graphs or tables. The output can be easily used in presentations.

  • slide 1
    Live Report: Input Options Raw Data (unformatted)
  • slide 2
    Live Report: Output Raw Data (unformatted)
  • slide 3
    Live Report: Input Options Charts (formatted)
  • slide 4
    Live Report: Output Charts (formatted)
  • slide 5
    ActiveReaction Report Author: Advanced Reporting Dashboard
  • slide 6
    ActiveReaction Report Author: Template Document with Placeholders
  • slide 7
    ActiveReaction Report Author: Final Report (Placeholders filled with data)

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