We offer technical implementation services of complex online and offline survey projects to our clients. We use software tools we developed ourselves and have complete control over.

  Software products we use to offer services to our clients

For instance:

Software product Description


Acronym for ActiveReaction Manager: Our internal digital survey engine tool that enables us to quickly transform our clients' (paper) forms into user-friendly, digital surveys (that can also be completed on mobile devices) in multiple languages.

Live Report

Our quick reporting tool to securely retrieve raw data in real-time.

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Acronym for Tv&radio Impact Meter via Internet: our TV Research tool developed in cooperation with Klapper Communications to predict the success of any video content.

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Data Analyser

Our TIM-Online™ visual data reporting tool. It matches the tested video content with the real-time TIM-Online™ audience engagement scores and qualitative responses.

» See also: TV Research

However, our clients also commission us to develop custom-made software solutions to modernise, simplify or speed up their internal workflows where collection, managing or reporting of confidential data is involved.

  Complete software solutions we developed for our clients at a fraction of the cost of what large IT consultancy firms typically charge

For instance:

Software product Description

KitManager (for pharma firms)

Multi-level database application to monitor and manage multiple clinical trials and their kit flow management processes. Clinical Research Managers can easily 'allow' and 'deny' participating sites to complete specific electronic Clinical Report Forms (eCRFs) online. Additional features are: scheduling automatic email notifications and reminders to physicians, creating (pre-defined) periodic clinical trial summary reports and quickly export case data of both single CRFs and multiple CRFs in clear reports for further analysis and quality assurance protocols.


Acronym for ActiveReaction Report Author: Our advanced reporting dashboard to automatically fill a Microsoft Word-based template document with the latest survey data using user-defined placeholders. Features we added specifically for the mobility and transport sector are: creating detailed attendance graphs, plotting commuters' postal codes on maps, recode possible answer options and calculating average commuting times.

» See also: Reporting


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for multinationals to manage customers' contact details, communication logs and assignments. All data is stored in industry-standard databases and completely 'out-of-the-cloud', meaning no-one else will (co-)own any data.

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