ActiveReaction uses proprietary video insight tools to predict the impact and success of your video content

ActiveReaction predicts the success of your videos

We measure audience likeability of your video content in real-time

Audience likeability

ReelRater™, the successor of TIM-Online™, is an innovative and cost-efficient video content testing tool, which measures audience engagement scores and qualitative responses of a wide range of (online) video and audio content, resulting in crystal-clear insights in the strengths and weaknesses of a video, enabling makers to optimise their productions and marketeers to increase their brand awareness:

Graph real-time video research scores

ReelRater™ can predict success or failure, as it gives a detailed answer to the question why people would stay tuned into or decide to turn away from your productions in advance. We have also created benchmark models to determine the optimal scenes lengths, use of emotion, information relevance, cutting speed and effects of peak scores on content likeability.

ReelRater™ runs in any modern browser on a variety of platforms, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs and is being used by producers of TV & radio formats, commercials and online (branded) videos, Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), YouTube vloggers and marketeers.

ReelRater™ is an initiative of ActiveReaction and Klapper Communications.

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How ReelRater™ works

How ReelRater works

You provide us with a link to your video content on YouTube and the content-specific questions you want your audience to answer (project survey).

Recruiting viewer panel
Research is conducted among a (representative) sample of your desired target audience.

This could be your own community or private panel or external access panels. We will then take care of the recruitment of the access panel that meets your audience specifics.

This usually takes about 4-5 business days, depending on the complexity of your required panel variables. ReelRater™ is available in multiple languages and can easily be scaled out to other markets, enabling you to also test your content in different countries with foreign access panels.

Project link
Within 1-2 business days, we will create a tailor-made ReelRater™ project link that can be communicated to your desired audience either via an embedded link on your (or affiliated) website, or sent directly via e-mail.

Data collection
Your viewers watch your content on their tablets, smartphones, computers, or laptops from start to finish and provide continuous feedback on the content by regularly moving a slider to reflect their level of engagement. They are then asked to comment on their most positive and negative moments in the production (2 open questions) and finally complete the (client-specific) project survey and submit their data to us.

After completion of the data collection process (including an oversample of the desired number of completes), we will perform a data integrity check and then send you a ReelRater™ report which contains:

  • Real-time audience likeability scores on your content;
  • Qualitative feedback as to why unusual 'peaks' and 'troughs' in engagement levels were detected;
  • Project survey answers;
  • Conclusions and recommendations (optional).

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