Digital Works Council Elections

A Works Council is a 'shop floor' advisory body consisting of a number of representatives of the employees in an organisation. The Works Council of employees can act as 'one voice' when participating in talks with the organisation's Board. Works Council members are usually elected by the organisation's employees.

Working together with your election committee, we can take care of the whole technical process.
  • You are assigned a personal account manager to help you throughout the whole election process;
  • Together with your election committee we will establish an action plan: who does what and when;
  • You provide us with names (and headshots) of all candidates;
  • We create a randomised, digital ballot;
  • Candidates can introduce themselves and their opinions either on your own Intranet or on a web page hosted by us;
  • We create personal, secure login procedures for all voters;
  • All voters receive their personal login codes either via email or regular post (snail mail);
  • We manage the opening and closing of the voting procedure according to your desired time window;
  • Voters can only vote once;
  • Voting is conducted completely anonymously;
  • You receive the election results digitally within one hour after closing of the voting window (interim results are also available if required).
  • Sample digital ballot paper:

Why would I let ActiveReaction handle this? Can't I just as well do this myself using one of those cheap online tools?

It's true that some of our competitors direct you to their online services, charging only a small fee. You are free to explore, design and deploy everything you want yourself. However, you'd have to ask yourself the question: "Do I have time for this?". By the way, it is the same question your employer probably asks you: "How much time are you actually spending on this?".

After all, you'd have to teach yourself precisely how to operate that online service. And for that 'small fee', it's unlikely you'd get the personal attention you wanted or required.

If you'd outsource this entire process to ActiveReaction, you'd probably pay a little more than you would using our competitors' services. But you'd get a lot in return:

  • You didn't have to teach yourself how to use an online tool;
  • You could tell your employer that you didn't have to spend time on 'extracurricular' activities: your employer would conclude you're thinking like him/her;
  • You didn't have to think about what to do and when to do it;
  • You'd have access to a person who accompanies you during this entire process;
  • If you had any questions, you could pick up the phone and talk to someone who's familiar with your election process;
  • Your confidential data wouldn't be stored at a third party (and wouldn't run the risk of being sold as profiles). You'd know where your data was located;
  • Your data would be permanently destroyed upon your request;
  • We'd like your technical challenges, you yourself probably wouldn't...

Implementation time frame: up and running in approximately 1-2 working days (excluding voting period).

Cost: from €899 (ex VAT).

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